Monday, June 29, 2009


As the economy has under gone drastic change, there has become a need for drastic change in the real estate market. In the past auctions were seen as avenues of last resort. They are now gaining wide acceptance as a normal means of marketing a property. National Association of Auctioneers and National Association of Realtors predict that 1 in 5 properties to be sold will be by an auction. “It is a time where real estate professionals must be skilled and trained in many facets of the business. Property owners need solutions now and cannot afford to wait for answers to their property challenges.” Said Robert Barber, CCIM who is ARES President. “

Over the last 3 years, ARES conducted hundreds of real estate auctions for many different types of clients including attorneys, Realtors, banks, developers and builders, individual clients, courts, etc… with a success rate of 70% plus in achieving client’s goals. But they are also providing value to the buyers with realistic market confirmed pricing.

Now by leveraging this experience with their other divisions of property management, valuation and preservations services, construction and traditional brokerage, ARES can now offer a full service one-stop asset management service to their clients. That combined foundation of experience, dating back to 1945, will now provide a platform that is not only experienced, but also one that embraces change and innovation to working with real estate.

For more information about the full set of services offered by Accelerated Real Estate Services, they can be reached at 727-544-1403.

Monday, March 30, 2009

“Don’t let Yesterday, take up to much of Today”. - Mr. Will Rogers

I just recently had breakfast with an old boss. It was great to break bread with him, discuss past events and even talk about "Do you regret ever leaving?" Being in today's environment, I am sure people begin to question their current situation and analyze what has brought them to the current point or crossroad. Which is all healthy, but remember the quote "Don't let yesterday, take up to much of today" - Mr. Will Rogers.

I was watching Tiger Woods yesterday and envying his focus and determination. He has not let the last year or even the first three professional outings deter him from moving forward. Sure he looks at tape and analyzes the decision he made, but he never seems to let that detract from where he wants to be. A friend of mine says it is all luck. My comment was, I think he just visualizes and then executes. He does not spend time consumed by the last shot these days.

David Burns is one of many writers that has pronounced the success of visualization. Those that visualize success are those that achieve success. If we spend to much time in the past today or beating ourselves up for too long, we never achieve long term success. Try not to spend to much time in the past...just enough to learn from it and then move ahead full steam.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Choose Already!!!

About a year ago I heard f this topic called Behavioral Economics and a scholar named Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize winner). What peaked my interest in the discussion at hand was ...Behavioral Economics (BE) provides insights into how people make choices. As a sales professional that is an important topic. BE has many facets and can be down right technical, but the part that may be most closely related to selling real estate today is that if you give someone 300 choices they become unable to choose. if you give them 3 choices, the choice is easy. As humans their is a psychological part to how we make buying decisions. Currently the real estate market is filled with choices. This is clogging the buyers ability to choose. As sales professionals we must seek to differentiate a real estate product outside of the noise of all the other properties. That si one of the reasons our auctions have been so successful. By labeling a property with an auction, it becomes standalone in a sea of other properties. Auction may be the best strategy for every seller or property, but what can you do to differentiate your product. For more about Daniel Kahneman and B E or you can wikipedia Behavioral Economics. A lot of good threads to weave into your sales systems.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

FOBO..First Out Better Off

As we draw to the middle of the March month, more and more buzz is rising of the commercial RE burden on lenders. The equity markets responded well last week to a divergent talk of stabilization, but the other shoe has yet to drop or....can it be put back on. The commercial RE markets are now in the turmoil including a rise in commercial lending delinquencies. I know, I know....dooms day talk. But no, we cannot stick our heads in the sand and hope the storm will pass. We still have a significant hurdle ahead and it must be addressed. There are buyers in the market and there is cash available. It is a matter of pricing to re-adjust the market. Sellers beware. We have all been taught FIFO in basic Econ. First In First Out in inventory control. Well that basic principal plays now with RE, but now the acronym is FOBO...First Out Better Off. Here is a great article of what is happening in Tampa...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sell a Property in 30 Days

Accelerated Real Estate Services is a real estate marketing company with preferred real estate partners across the country. With over 60 years of real estate experience as the foundation we have developed a model deployed by some of the best real estate professionals in the industry. Real Estate will always be a localized profession. A true professional must be in the market everyday to best serve the Buyers and the Sellers. By leveraging the latest technology, adhering to a strict model, and executing a tested process for marketing properties in an accelerated manner, that local expertise is armed with tremendous tools to serve both the seller and buyer in today’s market.